Never underestimate the power of words!


At Web Solutions BP,We understand that today’s marketing strategies all point to engaging and captivating readers’ attention. But the millions of websites and blogs out there make competition stiff.  User attention span is also getting shorter. In fact, it only takes a reader 30 to 60 seconds to decide whether to read through the first paragraph and browse the other pages – or click to another link.

Let your words create new stories and engaging content that can instantly connect with your readers.


In the same way that social media sites may be exploding, and the “online-brochure” format of corporate websites has given way to more interactive, mobile-responsive models. But, content remains the one thing that will draw in reader attention and make them stay on the page.


Website Content, Headlines, Blogs

Provocative, unusual, timely, and relevant title:

Without resorting to exaggeration, it must quickly hint that the content of the article is different from anything else on the web.It should also address the user’s needs and respond to that unspoken question or issue in his mind by including the answer or an idea of it. If the title can also be linked to a timely news story happening at the moment, then it heightens the relevance and sense of urgency of the piece.


Optimized Press Releases

Don’t sell – give useful information that the user can take away with him.

Users already know that any content they find might  promote a product or a service, especially if they click on a commercial website. There is no need to push that as our skilled and experienced copywriters goes beyond the usual marketing influence. Instead we deliver solid, reliable, and accurate information.


Optimized Content

The content must be search-engine-optimized.

Our content writers have a firm grounding of search engine optimization methods (SEO) and work closely with a specialist. Critical keywords about the topic of the article must be inserted strategically several times throughout the various paragraphs. The formula must be followed without diluting the creativity that goes into the writing. A deft mixture of SEO, in-depth research, and editorial flair will increase the chances of your article landing on the top search results.


Social Media Campaigns

Complement the content with visuals.

Our Social Media campaigns are enhanced with matching photographs, videos, GIFs, infographics, and other images. Users  who thrive on video streaming and other visual presentations rely on visual tools to understand a topic. Content writing must include a few of these to illustrate or support particular points in the article.


At Web Solutions BP in Melbourne, Australia, we  recognize the importance of outstanding and compelling content in user engagement. We know that content is critical but entertainment is key.